Thursday, April 9, 2015

Hamilton High Won't Be a Charter

The Commercial Appeal reports that parents and alumni have stopped the corporate welfare charter scheme that had been developed by Curtis Weather and his philanthropic puppet masters. 

My comment posted at the CA website:

Test scores provide a family wealth index that has been used for generations to label, sort, segregate and punish the poor. Charter schools operationalize that process while offering huge financial rewards for their CEOs, once known as school principals.

Weathers is another hard-fisted ex-jock who was placed in a position of misleadership by another non-educator, Dorsey Hopson, who remains clueless about education issues. Unfortunately, he has marginalized or fired the educators on his staff and surrounded himself with corporate know-nothings who acquired their present levels of ignorance during a stint with Teach for America.

Parents in Memphis don't need or want lawyers and football players making decisions about their schools. At some point, the tar will be heated and the feathers plucked and gathered.

If Weathers needs budget autonomy, I suggest he start his own business and invest his own money, rather than using education dollars to pursue a corporate welfare charter scheme to make himself wealthy.

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