Wednesday, September 10, 2014

More "Excessed" Teachers

On the story today by the Gates-funded Jane Roberts at the Corporate Appeal:

The last part of the Roberts story that the CorpEd Gates people wrote:
All hiring will be by mutual consent, which means that both the teacher and principal have to agree to work together. Several years ago, excessed teachers had first priority on openings, which meant principals had little or no say in who was placed in their schools. National research shows those hires didn't perform as well as teachers hired under mutual consent.
This last sentence regarding research is another of Jane Roberts' many fabrications. There has been no peer-reviewed research on the performance differences, and the only "research" that has been done is by think tanks whose job it is to rationalize the replacement of the teaching profession with missionary-minded and clueless temps who work cheap, quit soon, use the scripts, and ask no questions. 

The three "research" outfits that are producing propaganda to allow principals to choose efficiency over effectiveness are the Center for Reinventing Public Education (Gates), the New Teacher Project (TFA oriented), and National Council for Teacher Quality (funded by corporate foundations). Only Jane Roberts and the Commercial Appeal could believe this is research.

Meanwhile, some of the best and most experienced teachers--the ones children need and deserve--are being replaced by Walton-funded corporate missionaries with no experience or training.

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