Wednesday, June 4, 2014

SCS Board Members To Receive 500% Raise or 300% Raise?

Firing hundreds of teachers and staff members presents no problem for County Commission.  At least they are taking care of the Gates Foundation stooges on the school board.  From the Daily News:
. . . .And commissioners approved on the second of three readings an amended pay raise for Shelby County Schools board members.
The original measure by Ritz was to boost board members from their current $4,200 a year to $25,000 with the chairman of the board going from $4,500 a year to $26,000 a year.
That failed on second reading and Mulroy amended it to be a raise to $15,000 for board members with $16,000 for the board chairman.

The measure will need nine votes to pass on third and final reading. . . .

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