Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Use of Value-Added Is "Parochial and Ineffectual"

Tennessee is the test site for every crackpot, over-the-top corporate thought disorder that is translatable into an ed industry scheme that fronts as education policy.  The state has TFA lawyer and the former Mr. Michelle Rhee, Kevin Huffman,  running the schools from Nashville as Commissioner, and earlier this year Huffman and Jeb Bush's Chiefs for Change, a front organization for laundering corporate education cash, came up with a plan to use student test scores (TVAAS) as the sole criterion for decisions related to teacher licensure renewal.

As a result, Tennessee teachers have finally awakened from their slumber and now represent one of the major fronts in the war against high stakes testing and corporate control of schools.

Below is Part 3 in four part analysis by TEA chief legal counsel, Rick Colbert, who lays out Huffman's deception and criminal misuse of VAM.  Here are links to Part 1 and Part 2, which provide good starting points for any legal team as they prepare class action lawsuits across the nation.

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