Monday, June 3, 2013

The Latest Memphis Swindle: School Board Stealing Teacher Cost of Living Raises to Pay for Charter School Donut Hole

The Tennessee Funding Formula for schools calls for !.5 percent raise this year for all public school teachers.  That seems clear enough that one would think that even the Shelby County School Board could understand it.  Wrong.

To cover the present and future deficits being generated by the Memphis Schools Fragmentation Plan (alluded to in the previous post), the new School Board has decided that it will take the 1.5 percent raises that would go to city teachers to pay for equalizing the lower salaries of Shelby County teachers.   Ta-da!

What do I mean by fragmentation plan?  Glad you asked.  Instead of a Memphis/Shelby Co. unified system, the Gates-inspired blueprint will create three charter systems in Memphis (one for the preachers and black politicians, one for the out-of-state corporate charter chains, and one for the Achievement School District, which the State will run).  Then there will be the remaining public dumping ground schools for those children the charters don't want in Memphis. And then there will be the white public schools of Memphis and Shelby County.

But that's not all.  We will have, too, new systems created by Germantown, Collierville, Barlett, and one or two more suburban boutique governments.  And guess what?  Operating 7-10 school systems is going to be very expensive.

More expensive than a !.5 percent cost of living raise can pay for.

And more expensive still when the teachers sue the hell out of the school board, for good reason.

Video and story from Channel 5 in Memphis.

Where is the coverage by the Commercial Appeal?  Hmm, Jane Roberts must be on assignment to cover a Stand on for Children meeting.

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